big Chef Bill Fuller – December 2018

My oldest child is a high school senior. She is smart, confident, and ambitious as she charges forward into the next chapter of her life. She has a full-time boyfriend and is applying to college (and DOES NOT want to go to school in Pittsburgh). She works at Mad Mex (of course) and actually saves some of the money she makes. She drives, a little too much like I do I’m afraid, and goes to places where we don’t even know where she is. She is almost an adult and happily, confidently is poised for her next steps in life. I am so proud of her.

But, I want it to stop. I hadn’t really understood how this senior year of high school and the series of “Lasts” would feel. Last High School Soccer Game. Last Homecoming Dance. Last Trick or Treat. Last Thanksgiving Before She Is Traveling Home. As we move into December, I realize that we are crashing into more lasts. Last Time We Decorate the Tree together – she will come home to a decorated tree next year. Last House Decoration Session – ditto. And Last Cookie Baking Session.

She, of course, is oblivious to the mounting pile of capital L – “Lasts”. She knows no other way for life to be and doesn’t really understand how everything will change next year and be changed forever. But I do, having lived it before during my own “I can’t wait until I get out of here” teen life. And while the next phase will be awesome, it sure will be different.

So I am trying to soak it all in. We’ll decorate, celebrate, bake and pass the season happily together. We’ll enjoy every beautiful moment, even if we have to include The Boyfriend.

This holiday season, I implore you to be fully appreciative of past, present, and future warmth and happiness. Be thankful for your families, cherish your friends, and love your neighbors. Enjoy traditions old and new as life moves on to amazing places.


Bill’s Chocolate Chip Cookies, Oatmeal Cookies and Peanut Butter Cookies

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