Casbah, Eleven, Soba and Mad Mex Benefit Dinner FAQ

Q: What are the maximum capacities for the dinners?

A: Capacity varies by location and season:

  • Eleven: 38
  • Casbah: 50
  • Soba: 25
  • Mad Mex Erie: 42
  • Mad Mex Robinson: 52
  • Mad Mex Shadyside: 50
  • Mad Mex Willow Grove: 24
  • Mad Mex Wynnewood: 50
Q: What is the cost?

A: big Burrito requests that you charge a set minimum amount to your guests for the meal.

Eleven: $150
Casbah: $100
Soba: $100
Mad Mex: $35

You are welcome to charge more than this if you feel it is appropriate, please just let us know.

Q: How do guests pay?

A: We prefer that the organization handle all ticket payments, and that checks be written directly to the organization. However, the organization may ask the restaurant to collect the set amount from each guest on the night of the event. These arrangements must be set with the restaurant at least 72 hours in advance. The restaurant can accept the payment in the form of personal check written to the organization, or cash. Credit cards cannot be accepted by the restaurant for payment of the dinner.

Q: How is gratuity handled?

A: Gratuity can be handled in one of two ways:

  1. The host organization may take a portion of the money raised to pay for gratuity. For reference, 18% is our standard gratuity. This may be paid with either cash or credit card. (Gratuity can also be added onto the suggested minimum per person price and then paid to the restaurant by the host organization. Ex: a ticket with gratuity added into it at Casbah would cost $118.)
  2. Guests can be left responsible for leaving gratuity. This amount will not be included in the price of the dinner. The guests may pay gratuity by cash or credit card. The guests will be prompted to do so at the end of the meal.

*The host must inform the restaurant of gratuity arrangements at least three (3) full working days in advance.

*It is suggested that the gratuity arrangements are communicated to guests in any marketing materials that are created by the organization or host.

Q: What time do the dinners start?

A: Casbah, Eleven, Soba and Mad Mex Willow Grove: 6:00pm; All other Mad Mex locations: 7:00 pm.

Q: How much of my ticket price is tax deductible?

A: 30% of the ticket price is tax deductible.

Q: What will the menu look like?

A: Eleven, Casbah, and Soba menus are planned about a month in advance of the dinners, and include 5 courses (including dessert) with wine pairings.

Mad Mex Willow Grove dinners includes three courses (salad/soup, entrée, dessert), as well as chips and salsa and soft drinks.

Mad Mex Erie, Mad Mex Shadyside, Robinson, and Wynnewood dinners are served a fajita buffet (includes chips and salsa, Casa Salad, Wings, and a selection of entrees), plus one 16oz Dos Equis draft or a 16oz House Margarita per person (must be 21 or older – not valid at Robinson), soft drinks, and a dessert table.

Q: How will the event be promoted? Where can I get your logos to use in our promotion?

A: The benefit dinners are often announced on big Burrito/Mad Mex marketing materials and to our email list, but the success of a benefit dinner depends primarily on the effort and
promotion conducted by the organization. Examples of other organizations’ marketing can be provided upon request. Our logos are available here. If you need them in another format, just let us know.

Q: Can I have a speaker/presentation/video/performance/literature table/raffle/etc at my dinner?

A: Depending on the location this may be possible. Let us know what you have in mind, and we’ll work with you to try and make it possible.

Q: Will the dinner be wheelchair accessible? Is handicap parking available?

A: This varies for each of our restaurants.

  • Casbah benefit dinners are held in the restaurant’s lower level which unfortunately is not wheelchair accessible. A few tables could be seated on the main level if needed, please just let us know. There is valet parking available.
  • Eleven unfortunately is not wheelchair accessible. There is valet parking available.
  • Soba is not wheelchair accessible. Valet parking is available.
  • Mad Mex Erie is wheelchair accessible and there are handicapped parking spots in the restaurant parking lot.
  • Mad Mex Robinson is wheelchair accessible and there are handicapped parking spots in the restaurant parking lot.
  • Mad Mex Shadyside unfortunately is not wheelchair accessible. There is valet parking available.
  • Mad Mex Wynnewood is wheelchair accessible.
  • Mad Mex Willow Grove is wheelchair accessible and there are handicapped parking spots in the restaurant parking lot.
Q: How soon can I apply for another benefit dinner?

A: Generally, we only offer an organization one benefit dinner every other year. We do occasionally make exceptions when a group has a very successful benefit (reaching or coming close to the maximum capacity for the location), depending upon availability. If you are interested in planning another benefit in the future, please wait until at least the day after your upcoming benefit has passed, then submit a new application (it does not need to be as detailed as your initial application, but we do need to have a new application for each request). This will be reviewed and we will let you know when a decision has been made.

Q: What if I have to reschedule/cancel my benefit dinner?

A: A lot of work goes into the planning and preparation for our benefit dinners. Often, we have made mention of these events in our promotional materials, planned the menu and purchased ingredients, and scheduled staff to work the event weeks or months in advance.

We receive numerous applications, scheduling the benefits at some of our locations a year or more ahead of time, and sometimes even having to turn away deserving organizations because our schedule is full. We are proud to offer our benefit dinner series to our local communities, and we hope the groups we work with will take their event as seriously as we do. Once your benefit is scheduled, we ask that you consider the date to be final, and take responsibility for the promotion of the event. Before finalizing the date of your event, please think carefully about whether you are confident in your ability to reach or come close to the number of guests we can host at the price point for the restaurant you’ve chosen, and please consider whether there are any potential conflicts with the date you select. (Is it very close to another event already on your schedule? Is it near a holiday that may prevent some guests from attending? Is it during a time of year when your group/your members or donors are less active—i.e. summertime for school groups—or likely to be away?)

Depending on the circumstance, amount of notice given, and space available on our schedule, we can sometimes reschedule a group in an emergency situation. If you find that canceling/rescheduling is absolutely unavoidable, please let us know as soon as possible.

Please be aware that cancellation usually prevents us from being able to schedule your group for a benefit dinner in the future. Our goal is for every available date to be filled and for the groups we host to raise as much money as possible. We work to avoid having an open date go by without a benefit dinner, especially when that date is open because an organization took it and then canceled, when it could have been filled by another group. We strive to make sure that each of our benefit dinners is a success.

Q: What do I do if I have more questions?

A: Please contact Emily Farley by email or phone (412-361-3272 x231).