In 2018, we will be celebrating the Silver Anniversary of Mad Mex! Twenty-five years of great food, delicious margaritas, crazy Rick Bach art, (too) loud music, and lots of fun. It has been a great ride so far! Thank you everyone for supporting us. We plan on mounting up and riding for many more décados (decades)!

The best part of big Burrito’s first quarter century has been all the great people that have worked for us (in all of our restaurants), worked on us (podiatrists and massage therapists included), and dined with us. We all have built our friendships and even our families from this wonderful mélange of diners, cooks, handy-people, servers, vendors, electricians, bartenders, farmers, chefs, plumbers, and harried managers. To list the greats would be to write a novel. Please accept our heartfelt “Thank You!” to all of you; past, present, and future. We can’t do it without you!

We look forward to feeding all of you even more tacos and beers and nachos and Gobbleritos this year and for many more. But if you want to make some Mex at home, here is a classic Mad Mex recipe. It is vegetarian— a chance to hit your resolution to eat more vegetables in this new year.

Classic Super Mad Mex Portabello Burrito